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  • all right i have 2 900 robux right now

    and let’s go click redeem on this promo

    code for a thousand robux

    and boom wait it actually worked i got a

    thousand robux

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    hope you enjoy your 500 robux

    i actually found a website that has a

    whole list of like

    robux prom codes he’s supposed to get us

    a thousand robux and if this video gets

    like a thousand likes i’ll tell you guys


    the website so you guys can go try it

    out for yourself first thing that we

    have to do whether you’re on mobile or


    roblox.com forward slash promo codes

    three working

    roblox promo codes and then the one for

    a thousand robux

    you guys might already have these ones

    but some people don’t so just bear with

    me while we go through these three promo

    codes and then we’ll get to that one

    thousand robux promo code

    so the first one that we’re gonna want

    to type in

    is spider

    collar and if you click redeem this

    gives you a super spooky but kind of

    cool roblox pet that goes on your

    shoulder the next product we’re going to

    be taking a look at

    is tweet roblox this gets you

    the bird says blank so basically it’s a

    blue twitter bird

    or blue bird that sits on your shoulder

    kind of like the bloxy cola does

    ross man hat 2020 and if you click


    this is going to get you the chili

    winter wizard hat

    something super weird about this promo

    code hat is i think it actually kind of

    looks like a thanksgiving type of

    related hat because it looks like a

    pilgrim’s hat

    but it’s called the chilly winter wizard

    hat which makes no sense because

    it’s looks like a pilgrim’s hat now the

    promo code

    everybody has been waiting for the promo

    code for a thousand robux

    that are literally found on a website

    after searching for like 45 minutes to


    hour and a half maybe it was like two

    hours i don’t really know but i was

    looking for other promo codes that i

    could tell you guys about

    for some robux because i know there are

    some promo codes that actually do give


    so i found this website and it has

    literally like when i say literally i

    mean like it has

    a ton of promo codes on here now they’re

    not like normal promo codes they’re all

    like digits which i think that’s

    means it’s like it works for robux

    because it says their promo codes for


    but basically this website has a full

    list of all these

    robux promo codes ranging from a

    thousand robux up to ten thousand robux


    i’m gonna go try one out in this video

    if you guys want me to tell you guys the

    name of the website i will totally tell

    you guys that

    if we hit a thousand likes on this video

    this is the promo code

    right here it’s all in digits so just

    bear with me don’t make a type it’s

    going to be

    nine one seven

    four zero seven

    three zero zero i think i’m pretty sure

    i typed that right we’re gonna click


    and right now we have 2979 robux so i’m

    gonna click redeem and hopefully this

    thing actually does give us a thousand

    robots and hopefully

    it doesn’t like hopefully it’s still

    active and it works so i’m going to

    click redeem and

    in wait what wait what

    invalid problem wait did i type this in

    wrong i’m going to type this in wrong

    let’s let’s retype this because

    it says it’s going to give us a thousand

    robux it can’t be wrong it literally

    can’t be wrong hold on

    so it’s gonna be nine one seven

    four zero seven three

    zero zero okay i’m pretty sure that’s

    what i typed before

    but maybe i’m wrong i’m going to click

    redeem and

    wait oh it’s oh what invalid

    and i typed it in the correct way wow


    so this promo code does not work but

    there is like nine other well there’s

    more than nine but there’s like nine

    other robux promo codes on that website

    should i try another one

    this one was invalid maybe i should try

    another one for a thousand robux i don’t

    know you guys let me know down below if

    we hit a thousand likes

    we’ll do another one the man that’s so

    disappointing man i was really hoping to

    get 1000 robux and share with you guys

    so you guys can all get a thousand robux

    as well

    that’s so bumming wow but i just can’t

    wait to try the other one thank you guys

    so much for watching if you’re new

    around here

    join the army by subscribing to the

    channel but guys until next time i will

    see you later have an amazing


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