FREE ACCESSORY! How TO GET Metaverse Explorer’s Backpack! (ROBLOX)

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  • [Music]

    how’s it going guys shaw vlogs here for

    this video i’m going to be showing you


    how to get the metaverse explorers

    backpack this is a free event item

    that is part of the eighth annual bloxy

    awards event i’m going to leave a link

    to this event in the description of the

    video and all you guys want to do is

    click on play

    and join a game okay guys so once we are

    inside of the game

    we’re just going to get rid of this

    notice and i’m going to show you guys

    all of the items that we have to collect

    so the first one is actually up here

    it’s like a little noob character i’m

    not actually sure what that is but you

    want to do a little bit of parkour

    jump on this thing run up here jump onto

    this ledge right here

    and you’re gonna find it now to collect

    these items all you have to do is hold e

    on your keyboard so just hold it and as

    you can see we now collected it the

    second item

    is actually a ticket i believe and it’s

    behind one of these like what even is

    that i don’t even know is that like a

    speaker or something

    anyway there is actually a ticket down

    here golden ticket hold e on this

    just to collect it so why isn’t it

    letting me collect there you go hold e

    and it’s because this guy’s running in

    the way there you go hold e and then

    you can get that one as well so now

    we’re gonna find the other items

    okay so for the next item there is

    actually another ticket and that one is

    sat on top of this shop so again you

    want to just run up this little ledge


    jump on top of the shop hold e and

    collect the third item

    which should be a ticket now i just want

    to say you can do this in any order

    and if you’re a mobile you can just hold

    on the stuff so the next one is actually


    behind this tv screen or kind of like a

    monitor i guess you want to jump up the


    just here and you actually want to jump

    across onto the tv monitor

    so you can get it now i actually failed

    it just then so let me go ahead and try


    i have to admit this one is not actually

    the easiest to get like how are people

    even doing this jump

    it doesn’t even make sense you’re

    supposed to jump or run off okay i

    finally did it why was this one so

    difficult i think it was the avatar i

    had selected do you want to hold e on

    this cube

    and then just go ahead and collect it

    now this one is very easy we’re just

    going to jump down from the monitor and

    there is like a little um

    hidden thing like a can oh yeah it looks

    like a drink like a bloxy cola type


    the next one is actually hidden behind

    the happy home of robloxia so if you

    jump in here

    you can find it hold e to collect this

    one it’s like this plush character

    then we’re just going to run out for the

    next item we’re just going to run over

    here and there’s something hidden here i

    don’t even know what that is oh it’s a

    hard hat so just go ahead hold e to

    collect this one

    and the very last item is just hidden

    around the corner

    from that bloxy helmet and it’s right

    here this is a spanner so what we’re

    going to do is we’re going to try and

    collect this

    there you go we collected it we got the

    badge that was the last item

    we should now have the backpack so back

    on my profile if i scroll down and just

    go into accessories

    and back accessories as you guys can see

    i now have

    the metaverse explorers backpack that is

    pretty much it for this video so if you

    guys enjoyed

    as always make sure to leave a like and

    subscribe turn notifications on so you

    don’t miss any more event videos

    thank you so much for watching and i

    will see you guys in the next one

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