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  • yes you may be very concerned why I’m

    paused at this little girl’s face well

    you’ll see why let’s take a look at the

    video shall we so guess what she said

    free robux I want some free robux I want

    the free robux let’s see how to get free

    robux on iPad or phone oh goodness

    really opening our phone yes you’re

    certainly playing on your phone right


    because your brother is taking over your

    computer okay hold on a minute

    Brett what is this I see tik-tok

    you have tick tock okay sorry I’ll keep

    moving on to robots

    that’s roblox he I love roblox doing

    some crunching noise for ASMR oh yes

    hello it’s called I have no clue what

    you said I’m gonna have to do a

    voiceover ah three little girls jumping

    on the oh wait this book I didn’t see

    that one poor girls something on the bed

    one fell off and lost his head or her

    hand sorry yes please turn your camera

    back I want to see your brother play

    more robots what roblox no way

    okay okay I’m getting really impatient

    please I just want my robot there’s

    getting background probably little

    brother playing minecraft roblox or

    whatever dude that little kid in the

    background is literally me Wow

    but I have fingerprint setup oh no what

    do I do this is not gonna work for me

    now sorry what alright people this video

    was clearly a joke and I don’t mean to

    hate on this little girl or anything

    like that so please don’t hate for her

    actions even though it didn’t really

    make any sense and yeah don’t get

    scammed or else

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