How To Get FREE ROBUX On Mobile-I Pad 2021

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  • the timer is up and now it’s click okay

    it’s loading

    loading let’s see slow to 10k robot

    yo guys 10 000 robux

    just look at that 10 000 that is



    all right guys just before we get in

    this video i do want to give the

    comment shout out winners i’ll put them

    up on the screen now

    so if you guys do want to come up on the

    screen like these guys

    make sure to comment something nice

    under my video and you can be the winner

    of the comment shout out

    so yeah just make sure you do that and

    you could be featured in the next video

    just like these guys

    now another thing is that

    a lot of you guys are commenting on my

    videos saying slither oh

    you’re a liar this doesn’t work this is


    this doesn’t work and that’s because you

    aren’t subscribed

    and i’m saying i know i don’t joke when

    i mean you guys haven’t subscribed for

    this glitch the work

    i’ve seen like you don’t comment that

    like oh it’s not

    working i’ve seen some people comment

    it’s working like a lot of people still

    comment it’s working because they

    subscribe but if you’re not subscribed

    this glitch won’t work

    i don’t know why it just doesn’t the bot

    you can tell if you’re subscribed or not


    i’ll put this up on the screen just to

    show proof that no i’m subscribing

    so yeah as you can see no one has


    so make sure you guys do that and i’ll

    show you how to do it right now

    um so here we are just see as i hit

    subscribe to turn the notifications on

    so you guys have to do so i’m going to

    give you guys some time to do that

    i’m still waiting for you to subscribe

    so i’m gonna leave this up here

    while it’s up here go subscribe right

    now and like the video

    so quick give me some more time

    all right that’s yo guys so now let’s

    get straight into this

    the steps i want to teach you guys

    before this starts is you can do this on

    any obby and you can do this

    with the steps i’m going to tell you now

    i will be hosting a giveaway to enter

    that giveaway

    the steps will be up on the screen like

    the video

    subscribe and comment your console

    or your device and your name so i can

    send you guys some robux

    i will be giving away 5 000 robux to

    each person

    so do that and yeah so

    to actually make this glitch activate i

    have a bot setup

    so i have a bot set up that can see

    what these guys do now this bot will

    tell me if you guys

    have watched the video all the way to

    the end without skipping

    and it tells me if you guys have liked

    and subscribed now if you don’t have a

    youtube account and you can’t like and

    subscribe you

    must go and watch the video three times

    in the bot will activate your account

    for this robux glitch

    now let’s get straight into it as you

    can see guys i

    am on controller because my pc was

    broken so i had to use controller on ios

    now i’m not too good at this but this

    just goes to show that

    the glitch does work on any device

    but yeah if you’re wondering why i’m

    acting like a noob

    is because i am using a controller

    and i’m horrible with controller now

    what you do is you just

    want to die a couple times you can see

    i’m just walking off the edge now

    just die a couple of times and this does

    make you look like a real player you

    can’t go all the way to the end without


    because the bot will recognize you now

    you want to just

    play around mess around for about five

    minutes it doesn’t really matter

    now while you’re messing around playing

    around for five minutes just

    and you’re watching my video like i said

    like the video

    and subscribe because if you don’t

    the glitch won’t work and if you do like

    and subscribe

    comment three times will comment as much

    as you can your console

    and your name or your device in your


    your robot your roblox name so i can add

    you and send you

    5 000 robux now i’ll be giving robux to

    everyone in the comments but the more

    times you comment

    the more robux you’ll be given so if you

    comment 10 times

    you’ll get 50 000 robux so comment as

    much as you can and

    if you share this video you get an extra

    hundred thousand

    so share the video and you will be given

    a hundred thousand but i’ll only give

    that away to two people

    so whoever shares the video the most

    sends it to the most people and all that

    they will get the most

    robot robux now i’m just messing around

    as you can see

    and i’m gonna put a timer on and i’m

    gonna skip to the five minute mark

    once i’ve played for about five minutes

    okay guys so it’s been about five

    minutes and i’m gonna skip

    right to the part so what you guys

    actually want to do is just exit your


    and go to where i am so if you’re on


    iphone pc xbox do exactly what i do and

    the glitch will work for you so let’s

    get straight into that part

    yo guys so if you guys did do all the

    steps the glitch should be

    working now like i said you have to

    watch the video to the very

    end and like and subscribe for this to

    work and watch the video three times

    just to make sure it works

    but it might work if you don’t if you

    don’t do any of those steps these

    glitches won’t work i’ve

    bought so what you want to do is go into

    robux as you can see zero

    you want to go down and you want to

    enter my code guys so i’m going to show

    you right here

    this is my special code for me so i’m

    the only person that has this code

    now this is what you want to type up

    slither so

    as i spill it on here guys these are the

    exact things you guys want to type up

    so you just want to actually type up


    dot youtube so

    i’m going to show you guys right here so

    slither like this dot and then you want

    to put

    youtube if you guys are wondering oh why

    put slither youtube on

    that is the code now there is numbers

    you’ll have to put at the end

    so make sure to do all the steps so this

    glitch won’t work i’m telling you guys

    you want to put one seven eight nine


    one seven eight nine zero i’m repeating

    this to you guys so you

    don’t mess up the glitch and you get

    your robux

    now as you can see still zero robux

    i haven’t submitted the code yet but

    what you want to do is you want to exit

    you don’t want to add it you just want

    to exit and now we’re just going to wait

    now you can wait a couple seconds i

    usually wait around five seconds

    and time is about to be up okay

    the time is up now it’s click okay it’s


    loading let’s see slow to 10k robot

    yo guys 10 000 robux

    just look at that ten thousand days

    crazy now if these guys want me

    to do another glitch where you get a


    like and subscribe and i need to get 100

    likes on these videos to share it around

    so you can get a million robux and be

    the richest person on roblox

    you can brag in front of all your

    friends so yeah

    like and subscribe share the video

    around and that’s gonna be the

    it for today’s video see you guys in the

    next video


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