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  • hey guys so today i’m going to be

    teaching you guys how to get free robux

    so as you can see i have zero robux i


    no money at all and

    so what you want to do before we start

    make sure you go

    follow me on roblox because i am doing

    a robux giveaway go search up in

    caps free robux

    search that up once you get on

    there is a game right at the top free


    click on it and play the game oh but

    before you do

    go to the developer

    and join the group if you’re not joining

    the group then it’s not going to work

    then go to the creative part

    and go follow and add him

    and then go back and then join the room

    okay we’re in so you have to go to this

    thing that says

    the rich thing it’s like a circle and it

    has rich items

    go over here and press on it and it’s

    going to ask do you want to buy it

    press buy robux

    and you’re not going to buy it and this

    is going to say your purchase has failed

    because your account does not have

    enough robux

    okay and then go over here and press it

    buy robux and he’s going to purchase

    then oh what the heck um let me go back

    after you’re done with that skip vip and


    and go to mega vip and press it

    and it’s going to actually want to buy

    press cancel

    okay so it is not going to work

    what the oh no i’m stuck

    oh my god i’m stuck what happened to me

    my hair’s off

    oh shoot i was like what that um now

    that you’re done with that

    look get out of the game go to

    and go to reading roblox promotions

    then put in the code

    free free free

    and then okay so then you have to press


    now look at this now i have so much

    robux make sure you guys hit the like

    button and subscribe and comment down

    below if it worked let me know

    and yeah bye

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