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    helicopters drive cool cars

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    city life tycoon whoa i’m like super

    fast oh this is cool look at this bridge

    right here

    wow oh oh dang okay let’s get it started


    worker oh we got our first worker why

    did he like spin like that

    why is my boy oh he’s dropping the money

    okay i was like why why are you spinning

    so he’s dropping that money by another

    worker for a hundred bucks

    hello there hey i got some happy workers

    okay 400 bucks i’m sorry listen to that


    nope you ain’t got enough money so i got

    three workers now

    shiny conveyors 900 bucks let’s buy some


    let’s buy a wall oh buy some doors

    i got my i don’t collect going so i

    don’t even need this

    atm right here but i’ll take it anyway

    money shelves i knew they were gonna get

    me with some robux

    i knew it was coming and i’m gonna buy

    it oh look at

    money shelves right here stack that

    money baby on the shelves shiny conveyor

    there we go

    oh super shiny hey y’all know i love my

    level nine nine nine

    nine nine nine tycoons now i need a

    level nine

    nine nine nine nine city i need the best

    city i know what some other cities over

    there being made too

    i know it i can feel it my path okay

    let’s get our path

    going we’re gonna buy a road here by

    truck oh

    this is gonna cost us some robux for the

    sports car but i’m gonna get that sports

    car spawn

    sports car uh uh

    respawn what’s up with the sports car

    it’s like it’s not trying to spawn right

    at all i guess we’ll try to get the

    sports car in a bit

    so let’s go ahead and put a wall here

    unlock after buying store

    all right we’ll put a wall there and a

    wall here

    by vault by second floor

    and stairs and pillars and decorations

    more decorations

    lights plants whoa we’re getting

    somewhere here those are the rails oh

    the chandeliers i’m like yes

    we need lights there we go the

    chandelier oh

    does the sports car work now okay it

    finally works we’ll get in the sports


    in a sec guys let’s go ahead that’s our

    bank let’s get the road going

    okay we’re gonna buy a parking lot nice

    we’re running over here to expand our

    land the more land the more we can get

    oh we’re buying a park

    by benches what greenery oh we got our

    trees by gate

    of course we have to have a park people

    love to go on walks

    jogs like to take the kids to the park

    so we got to make sure our greenery is


    let’s get a gate there park wall benches

    and some more benches there oh the

    fountain of course

    of course the fountain and the lights

    this place gets really dark at night

    time so

    we want our park lights there and we’re

    gonna expand the land

    even more oh man okay bye skyscraper

    okay the skyscraper is next we don’t

    have enough cash for the skyscraper

    just yet let’s get in the sports car oh

    this is sick

    i’m picking up speed right now going

    through the rings oh we get

    money for going through the rings oh

    this is cool we don’t even need our

    workers i’m firing all my workers i’m

    just kidding guys

    i’m just kidding i’m not firing all the

    workers so our city is the scion city

    all right i’m going back give me all the


    seven million coins i had to do it i had

    to do it seven million

    coins i want to see so much buildings

    that’s why i had to all right ground


    that’s my door all right we got our


    here of course we need the parking lot

    of the skyscraper and we’re going to get

    some workers in here

    okay we got our workers going three

    happy workers

    working in our skyscraper buy some

    carpet and decorations

    all right we got some more decorations

    going wow first floor

    by elevator we got the elevator right


    oh look we’re on the first floor


    wow i’m feeling like a boss right now

    like a true boss

    okay workstation plants let’s buy some


    we got our lights going by office and

    then by door office decorations

    more plants we’re going to the second

    floor by helicopter

    wait can we fly this no way hey

    this is lit we can legit fly the

    helicopter that’s why the rings

    okay let’s go through the rings i’m

    going up wait wait wait wait there we go


    a thousand every time oh we making some

    money oh it’s nighttime coming in this

    is beautiful

    i’m here in a sports car is that

    somebody over there hey

    get from about my city ouch uh ouch

    that guy’s leaving right now he was in

    our city snooping

    trying to see what we got going on i

    should go catch him where is he at

    there he is he’s from yellow city hey

    don’t be coming to my city homie

    i’m chasing him down i’m chasing him

    down i’m about to crash in the back

    crashed into him yes


    all right we gotta buy a door here looks

    like we can get some walls

    buy a safe another safe yeah there’s our

    safe right there y’all better not come

    in here and try to rob me

    i know what y’all be doing do not try to

    rob me our city is looking good

    is he back over here i wish i had a

    weapon can i get like some type of

    weapon or something

    expand the land by road

    i’m expanding everything car dealership


    y’all know these are my favorite the car

    dealership all right dealership

    wall wall here dealership roof

    okay let’s get the worker going we need

    some lights for sure though like it’s

    super dark in here

    there’s a carpet let’s buy some wheels


    plants and there’s the lights uh okay

    that’s that’s okay lighting i guess

    right dealership wall

    and then the roof is this like the

    showroom decorations

    by lights podium oh it is the showroom

    look at this

    and another vehicle i wonder what

    vehicle goes on this podium okay so

    we’re leaving the showroom

    let’s put a door in a sign okay we got

    the entrance

    sign there cars by road

    gtr car oh we get the gtr what

    hey we get the gtr

    let’s drive it to our next location as

    the sun is coming up okay buy store

    200 000 oh my gtr no it went into the

    water why does it keep going it’s still


    bye-bye gtr is this guy

    is he serious i can’t even see in there

    his windows are all tinted

    i’m just gonna get in his passenger he

    drives off with me

    okay we got a store going of course we

    need a store in our city

    hey store worker oh wow scanning some

    groceries there

    okay buy carpet and shelves and then

    let’s buy a sign wow we’re doing awesome

    look at he’s waving we’re now open oh

    gas pump yeah of course

    and then there’s the roof and then

    there’s the gas sign you guys want some

    gas come on by

    to the game it will kill a gas station

    police station what’s a place

    without a police station by officer

    officer officer she looks like a very

    mean police officer

    he does too lockers ooh police lockers

    wall of guns can i pick up a gun oh i

    wish i could workstations

    oh my gosh we’re doing the sales right

    now we’re putting the cells in jail wall

    wow i do not want to get stuck in the


    my lights our parking lot and our flag

    yes police bike oh my gosh we just got a

    police bike freaking 1 million bucks

    for this police bike and i’m not even

    holding the handlebars

    i’m way too savage i’m on a police bike

    hitting donuts

    how savage is that


    so i forgot some walls up here at my

    bank let’s go ahead and put those down

    and then the roof and decorations yeah

    all right there we go

    i just unlocked the road going way up


    what is this opening it’s like a freeway

    or something whoa

    oh an airport one million

    bucks for the airport oh my gosh how did

    we do

    guys city life tycoon i think we did

    pretty amazing let me

    spawn that again so our sports car

    wherever it is there we go

    it looks cool right there so yeah i know

    i love building things i love my tycoons

    as we end this city life uh

    blue pole alright thanks so much for

    tuning in y’all be sure to smash that

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    let me know in a comment below if you

    want to visit my city and what other

    buildings i should put

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    your boy gwk uploads and i will see

    y’all in the next video

    i love you guys from the bottom of my

    heart as always

    peace thanks for watching don’t forget

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    until next video guys bye bye

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