Playing “Cursed-” Roblox Games

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  • hello everyone it’s me doji and here i

    am back with another video

    today we are going to be exploring four

    strange and pretty unnerving roblox

    games and you see

    roblox is home to lots of popular games

    such as adopt me

    welcome to bloxburg and piggy but we all

    know that deep down there’s lots of dark

    and scary roblox games that absolutely

    probably have no context or plot to it

    which makes it even scarier so that’s

    what we’re doing

    exploring and playing these certain

    games so first one is called smile


    so as you can see you spawn in front of

    some sort of japanese style home

    pretty interesting to see but to be

    honest these pictures and the statues

    are pretty scary

    signs that this game will make me crap


    i can’t get in these doors because i

    need a key somehow

    off to a good start i’m a little

    relieved this isn’t a single player game

    damn this lag let’s keep going to see

    where this will led us to

    strange thing

    okay that startled me a bit

    jesus christ that was loud

    i’m really starting to dislike this game

    you can hear some chanting in the

    background i think i’m gonna get cursed

    now from what i heard you have to go

    behind the stairs and walk until you

    enter some hallway


    and then you go to a room and grab a

    knife to enter a certain door where the

    red key is

    there’s the key


    my soul literally saw heaven for a



    i hate this sound so much it sounds like

    a slowed down whale noise

    i hope i choose the right one

    damn it


    okay overall i give this game a solid 8

    out of 10

    the jump scares are so chilling our next

    game will be vests to set

    from what i’ve heard if you get hit by

    some semi-transparent ball then you

    can’t close out roblox and some sound

    will continue playing even if you close

    it so i will try my best to avoid

    it at all costs

    my heart is beating so fast right now


    why am i getting fat

    please don’t touch me please don’t touch


    did you guys see that

    so i will rate this game a 10 out of 10

    not because of the background and stuff

    but because of that ball it will

    literally break your device

    next game is called no players online

    okay so this is like

    capture the flag right pretty spooky i

    hate taking turns on every corner like

    there could be something there waiting

    to jump scare me yay we found a flag


    oh my god it sounds horrible i think i’m

    gonna shoot it

    oh my god what is that

    what is this red light


    someone joined the game


    what is that get away

    who’s this

    i don’t care i’m going to get my flag

    overall i give this game a 4 out of 10

    for spookiness because it wasn’t really

    that scary to me but yeah next game is

    the haunted staircase

    i heard this will take long so i will

    speed it up to the scary part

    okay so i give it a 7 out of 10 because

    taking turns was scary but when i saw

    that face i literally closed out roblox

    i had a literal heart attack so if you

    guys have any more games suggestions

    please comment them down below to be

    featured in part

    two thanks for watching bye

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