Roblox Promocodes 2021! -3 new promocodes january-

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  • hello everyone

    i am sorry for making

    hmm never mind i don’t know

    anyways this is a promo code video so

    the first one of code will be


    ross manhatta 2020


    it’s about to expire i guess and it’s

    already redeemed

    next code a lot of people know

    this and uh


    and it’s not a part spider cola

    come on redeem yep

    next hmm

    i hope this still works

    nope it doesn’t work anymore it’s

    expired next

    we play games

    and then you can get free items but

    one of them is codes

    so first here ready player


    play it and then when you play it

    and then just do nothing just wait for

    just one second and then you’ll get the


    you’re ready to play your book


    it’s a badge

    it will appear when you have it

    it’s just a badge when you join it will

    just appear on you

    oh what is this it wants me to buy


    okay sure who which

    should i buy amanda for expensive i

    cannot buy any of them


    play ready no not ready player 2

    island of move a lot of you

    already know that game


    you enter codes i know all the codes

    there’s like seven or six codes

    seriously they’re just going because

    even though i already know

    anyways the first code

    is strike a pose

    next get moving

    next um victory lap

    victory lap here it is

    sorry about that anyways my next code is

    world alive

    next all those codes give you about your

    cell phone

    hmm what is the next code i kind of


    oh wait setting the stage


    and that’s all anyways

    that’s all for today’s video if you want

    more items

    then you can just play the creator


    this games this creator challenge

    there’s a lot like four only and when

    you play them you have to do the quiz

    it’s okay if you do it wrong you won’t

    do anything

    you can still answer anyway see you in

    our video

    i hope you enjoyed if you did enjoy

    then click the like button

    i hope you reach like a thousand

    subs so i can make live stream videos

    i like making livestream videos and next


    will be about tower of hell so like and


    see your video and bye

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