the BEST Friday Night Funkin- games in Roblox!

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  • friday night

    last time i played the real friday night


    and uh i may have missed a few notes

    i lost a few times just a few

    i am still a professional okay well

    i asked you guys if i should play more

    friday night

    funkin and check out week seven when it

    comes out and bruh fact i’ll be thinking

    what if i practiced for week seven by


    all the best friday night games

    on roblox


    look how many there are what are you

    talking about why are there so many

    huh what should we click

    okay so there’s friday night funking but

    have you guys heard of

    monday night bloxin welcome to monday

    night blocks

    i wonder if this will be better than the

    original game okay

    let’s check this game out play set it

    hold on a second

    hold on a second who is that why they

    got no face

    and why did they decide to make them

    just stand you know they they’re

    literally just floating in front of the

    speaker they’re gonna make them sit down

    why they just floated there what are you

    talking about i respect that let’s check

    out the settings

    custom girlfriend enter user id or


    custom girlfriend guys can you imagine

    if your life was like this

    if you could just enter the user id and

    then you get yourself a girlfriend

    yes huh okay

    i think we got to do powy why buy the


    change you have to pay to get a custom


    what are you talking about no yeah who’s

    that one what

    what is going on they just throw you

    into the game you don’t even get to pick


    what do you mean okay okay right

    down left right yeah yeah guys as you

    can see i’m basically the best of this

    i don’t even need a sister oh i missed

    we recovered we recovered don’t even

    worry about it we’ve got this

    guys uh okay

    okay i don’t remember being this good

    how’s this man

    doing this with a skype board stuck in

    his head honestly he deserves

    to win just for that why isn’t he

    missing any of them what are you talking


    is that a butt up right up awesome

    uh no no that was not a miss what are

    you talking about right


    while i’m doing this

    i got at least two of those okay did i

    win i think i what i think i won

    mrs 65 wait accuracy 52

    that’s not bad my man wait what is this

    yeah you get to pick the different game

    of brah you get to pick the song

    i think we have to do coco what okay

    my man just had to blow up wait that’s

    the exact same song

    no i don’t want to play the same song

    let’s check out another one

    wait a second what is this friday night


    week eight eight this is seven

    not even out yet what are you talking

    about bruh i guess this

    uh this game must be from the future

    let’s check it out

    what is this this isn’t friday night

    from why is illuminati right there

    what is going on the only friday night

    about this game

    is like maybe the uh the buildings

    what is going on here my man and why are

    people actually playing this

    it looks like people are actually

    enjoying this what are you talking about

    this game is disgusting imagine if week

    eight friday night falcon is literally

    just uh

    this thing you verse a minion let me get

    one of those

    no i want this one wow she has children




    where did my head go i literally lost my


    i’m so confused right now why is this

    game look like actual effort was put

    into it

    even more fnf this is important the

    friday night focused in roblox

    say no more let’s see if it’s any better

    than the rest of them

    is my man really versing himself that’s

    kind of sad

    look at him bobbing how did you just

    verse nobody

    what do you you know what i’m just gonna

    you keep that no no don’t look at me my

    man i’m gonna let you do what you’re


    wait is anyone versing someone

    why are they all just versus nobody like

    look at this guy vibing out

    breaking every boat in his body to

    achieve this level of cool

    you go my man okay oh yeah

    i respect you know i want to verse this

    man i respect this man more than


    waiting for an opponent to choose a

    track pick a good one

    whoa this one has the kissing as well

    i’m going to be able to kiss a bacon


    aye why’d you pick such a fast one what

    are you talking about bruh

    what is he getting some of them what

    what look at that what are they both

    going to was what are you talking about

    i can’t even do this what do you mean

    okay you know what i’m just gonna do it

    i’m gonna do it i’m gonna make him no

    matter what


    i don’t know what i’m doing

    come on please don’t why does it have to

    say bad every time they mess up

    what about that you know i’m gonna do

    this with my eyes closed

    i love the encouragement please

    i am angry and sad at the same time

    price let me win

    how do i have 30 000 points though i

    respect that guys see i’m not that bad

    30 000 points that’s like

    at least 34 000 more than i expected

    escape basically fnf friday night funk

    abby escape scary horror parkour abby

    don’t forget to like and favorite

    hey that reminded me guys could you go

    down and press the like button and could

    you also check if you’re subscribed

    it’s the big red button underneath the

    video if you click on that i’ll play

    more friday night funk

    what what it does

    what what why do i look like this

    what is this game trying to say

    are you trying to call me poor just

    because i joined the game and i didn’t

    buy your 17 game passes what are you

    talking about

    gravity kyle speed call rainbow carpet

    tommy gun teleport to

    my gun buy a gun in this do i risk it is

    it gonna work

    no there’s a golden tommy gun how much

    does that one 200 what oh

    okay you know what i’m gonna try it i’m

    gonna try it it’s better work

    if this doesn’t let me kill people i

    will be very

    upset i bought it where is it isn’t it

    my inventory what are you talking about

    do i have to reset okay you know what

    i’m gonna reset

    i did not just get scammed how do i


    it doesn’t work i just got stabbed

    okay so i have a golden gun now does it

    work it does work please can somebody uh

    spot in so that i can test it oh there

    he is look it’s the boyfriend

    hello guys you see how easy this is i

    literally just did that

    without even looking at the ground yeah


    thank you for the confetti i deserve it

    i like how they remind us to buy

    the game pass every single checkpoint

    boy get back here step right away i want

    to i just wanted to i just want to say

    hello with this uh golden tommy gun

    okay hey guys welcome back to walking

    simulator hello my man i’m sorry i have

    to test this

    that works what what

    wait but there’s checkpoints you can

    actually kill people in this

    hello my man you’re doing great you’re

    doing great can i before he gets to the


    no crack this gun

    sucks you literally can’t shoot them

    before they get to the checkpoint

    stupid work half the time

    funky friday beatbox battle well

    goodness said it better myself let’s

    check it out

    what is this bruh maybe like a whole


    in the style of friday night funking how

    cool is this

    look at that goat look at that look at

    this that snowman going right now

    bro that’s fire don’t do that you get a

    melt what are you talking about

    oh there’s another stage oh you can even

    see them doing it brah

    this verse is pretty cool oh this guy

    this got me waiting i’m ready i’m ready

    my man

    whoa i don’t know what any of these mean

    i want to do

    fresh what is he doing why is he moving

    like that

    stop that oh bro i shouldn’t have that i

    just oh no no no no no no no no no no no

    no no oh no oh no no oh no okay don’t

    do that don’t worry about it i’m getting

    all of these yeah yeah i got a few


    how’s he getting so many of them look at

    him moving

    okay okay okay why are there so many

    oh and basically fnf you couldn’t you

    couldn’t do the attacks where you hold

    it down

    oh left right up right left down up

    oh no oh no oh no i’m getting distracted

    i got distracted

    what is this song why is it so hard and

    how’s this guy

    is this guy okay look at him why is he

    moving like that can someone call it


    no i just lost like 2 000 points how are

    you meant to do it where there’s like

    five notes on the screen at once my man

    i am literally losing by like okay let’s

    just do

    right and left


    how did i still miss both of them when i

    just focused on two

    how is he getting them all this man

    right here is cheating

    okay let me out of here i don’t want to

    do this song anymore i’m getting out of


    what is an easy one because i don’t know

    what any of these are

    i can’t remember if this one’s hard oh

    this song i remember this song

    i might actually be able to win this one

    i am a professional

    at the real f songs why there’s so many

    people here

    look at my score i’m actually beating


    i like how these two are having a

    literal fight for some reason

    right in front of me what are you

    talking about why are you guys arguing

    please don’t fight did i win did i win i

    won by like 300

    yes what are you talking about okay who

    else wants to fight me come on

    let’s go a cameraman with pico was hard

    but let’s do pico

    look at me look at me bob i’ve


    dislocated my arm it’s literally out of

    the socket but look at me go

    oh no i’m starting we’re started

    yes wait no oh no oh no okay why is this


    break dancing what are you talking about

    well there’s no way i’m going to be this


    brace getting like all of them


    i’m pretty sure i lost points that round

    uh let’s not talk about that


    hey i got those i did two at once i’m

    never gonna be able to do that again


    right left down right but you know what

    this game this game is pretty good

    but it’s missing the thick purple man

    that i’m meant to be bursting and

    where’s the girlfriend


    you know what this calls for every

    button to be pressed at once why they


    items this big like he’s not even

    standing in front of it

    harry’s winged so thick what are you

    talking about look at him should be like

    a limit

    on how big utc items could be

    yeah i got all of those don’t worry

    about it guys completely ignore this

    side just uh

    just believe me i give up

    yeah i give up okay yeah i win

    easy peasy


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