Top 10 Best Roblox Magic Games for 2021

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  • whoa these match games on roblox are on

    another level

    this game especially is absolutely fire

    watch till the end to find out what game

    it is hey guys

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    we’ll be listing down the top 10 roblox

    magic games for 2021

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    you need so stay tuned and i hope you

    enjoy it

    number one magic blog don’t fall while

    playing you’ll come across

    blocks which when stepped on will

    disappear when you notice this happening

    keep moving to avoid getting knocked out

    and the player who survives the longest

    wins the match number 2 magic kingdom

    theme park

    this game was suddenly deleted on

    september 18 2020. it was first thought

    to have been deleted due to disney

    sending roblox a dmca takedown request

    but it was actually because of a false

    copyright claim

    caused by a former developer of the game

    fortunately after being deleted the game

    has returned to roblox as of february

    the 7th

    2021 with new updates as the boardwalk

    is now open

    number three blackmagic one this game is

    a roblox fighting game made by qq


    inspired by numerous fighting games such

    as street fighter blast blue

    under the night and birth to make the

    game more fun developers have added new

    maps and re-added enigma fixed purity


    and added old cayuga before playing make

    sure you have a strong internet

    connection and decent specs

    if you’re using a metered connection

    you’ll experience frequent network lag

    unfortunately for you to play the game

    your account must be at least

    30 days old number four mermaids and


    to be a mermaid you must play as

    marielle aurora or atlan

    and then must go into a lake or sea on

    the other hand if you want to be a fairy

    you must play and and then press e as

    you’re playing the game

    using high graphics is highly

    recommended to see the full potential

    some of the key binds you can use

    include left click q

    e and r number 5 world of magic

    in the game players learn to use a

    variety of magics as they progress to

    the game

    there are 23 elemental magics in the

    game some with cosmetic color variations

    currently each character can only have

    one elemental magic

    which they select at the start of the

    game when the player starts a new game

    they can choose any of the in-game

    magics of which each have their own

    strength and weaknesses

    on their own they’re roughly equal in

    power however in a team setting

    some magics can combine with others and

    become even more powerful

    such as ice and water magic freezing

    opponents in their tracks

    number 6 magic wizard tycoon this game

    is more of a twist on magic possessing


    taking place in a fantasy setting while

    playing to unlock the wings of winter

    you have to complete 16 winter quests

    it’s currently considered

    the best game ever and the player base

    is extra toxic

    feel free to explore the map to find

    crystal combinations to craft potions

    progress as far as you can in your

    tycoon as you battle monsters and dwelt

    deeper catching bags of essence

    you can also harvest souls to reset your


    and also unlock new spells number 7 afk

    and wait till it’s your number simulator

    in the game players are to receive a

    card from either the main staff man

    or the other staff man with a

    three-digit code the player will only

    win the game

    when the number in the card appears on

    the screen while playing

    players earn attempts on every round

    cosmetic items and animations will be

    claimed upon

    reaching the required number of attempts

    needed number 8

    magic sim in the game you will have to

    train your magic knowledge to unlock

    dangerous spells

    also you can unlock worlds and realms on

    your journey as a master wizard

    to step into the higher realms of your

    magic powers along the way

    you’ll batter other wizards with your

    inventory of powerful spells

    to become the best wizard in the entire

    universe number nine

    legends of magic forgotten hearts this

    game was inspired by v-tex

    games and ft forgotten legends you’ll

    love its graphics and the ease while

    playing it

    as most of the bugs have been fixed with

    the most recent update

    making the game run smooth and easy to

    play number 10

    magic simulator your main objective in

    the game is to defeat enemies

    unlock new spells and explore new areas

    when you first join the game you can

    click on your spell’s inventory which is

    the purple wand icon

    after you open your spells tab you can

    equip your first spell

    fireball after you close out of the

    spells tab click on the fireball in your


    if you notice slimes are roping around

    zone one

    click on one of the slimes and launch

    your fireball at it

    soon you can earn enough coins to create

    a crate in the shop

    the first crate gives you waterfall and

    a dust blast

    the second gives you a mega fireball and

    ice zone

    and that’s all for today thanks for

    watching today’s episode of roblox


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