how to download Roblox – part 2

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  • yeah let’s go

    oh my god hey guys welcome back to

    another video in this video welcome to


    2 of making this

    so you have to click you know that to

    click this

    then before you start only you have to

    get 1 000 likes

    i mean if one if you can 1000 likes say

    if you

    yes can’t hit 300

    likes no so then click this

    if you can so then click it just

    like to download what’s everything

    you want so click this


    then do this then if you do this

    it’s just spinning like

    fully 190

    90 oh my god how much money i hope i

    oh just just has to look at how my

    dollar is

    let’s check them me and just so

    give me five minutes to do something


    so there there we are here

    okay let’s put this in here

    so now we have to do

    click this

    out from here so

    am i doing this not really

    i’m not down without something another

    how about skybox

    dude oh


    okay i just see and command

    it’s not bad

    it’s not bad but

    we might just yep

    yep yep yep

    so downloading this is some heart

    how do we download this this thing

    because it is my favorite thing though

    so please come work real quick

    sing again


    look how much dollar is there

    it’s bad guys it can be my pronunciation

    more guy with any of you but fire gonna

    like real life


    this is tricking me

    guys let’s just take one day

    bro please work please be the

    it’s free let’s go let’s go guys

    look at here why go

    download it

    let’s go and give me five minutes

    so there i did so

    oh just cement so there’s a view


    just search

    search search

    now search roblox


    it’s for free guys everything is

    fulfilled let’s go with papad bro

    oh my god i don’t care about that much


    it’s for it’s just for free guys

    so give me five minutes so busy

    that’s for free guys and

    for free to go

    let’s go let’s go how to learn

    how to fly

    so let’s go can you download it an app


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