Survive The Night Five Nights At Freddy-s Roblox FNAF Game Video

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    all right you guys we’re going to be

    playing something in roblox today thank

    you so much for requesting for me to do

    more for now i’ve been getting your

    guys’s comments you guys been saying do

    more fanaf you love fanaf do more do

    more do more you even want me to play

    the official game it says who wants her

    to play the official game five nights at

    freddy’s to see her reaction

    ooh that would be a lot of fun but today

    we’re hopping into roblox to do

    something aft games let’s go

    am i supposed to just jump into

    freddie’s mouth okay here we go oh

    jump all right i’m in okay where do i go

    where do i go where do i go

    oh bonnie bonnie no bonnie got me

    what happened i didn’t survive anything

    all right let’s hop in again ready one

    two three

    oh okay i really want to survive i can

    go through here oh no it’s a long dark

    hallway i wish i would have brought a

    flashlight with me okay here’s the back

    room can they see me on the camera can

    they see me okay this is where they got

    me before are they attacking bonnie is

    bonnie is hacking us

    what is going on okay i’m running i’m

    running i’m running are there any


    what foxy’s in here

    all right we’re back in okay stay away

    from all animatronics i’m in the


    this seems like a bad place to be oh no

    the night hasn’t even started yet

    how am i supposed to survive okay i’m

    just going where everybody is isn’t the

    office one of the safest places right

    let us sit

    let us in phone guy is trying to call

    okay four three two

    one okay night shift survive the night

    survive the night wait wait what


    no get back up here just don’t let you

    again do not let chicken rashika where’s

    anybody we safe here how long is the

    night okay this is good i don’t see any

    animatronics look at the tic tac okay

    i’ve never played this game before

    how long is the night like does it tell

    us okay there’s an animatronic is that

    another one no that’s just somebody out

    there oh no he’s gotta get here

    he’s coming here let us out okay i’m

    going in back i’m going in the back i’m

    going in the back wait that was a secret

    door wait is that an animatron no no no

    okay it’s hard to tell what is an

    animatronic and what is a person okay

    i’m going up here i’m going up here are

    we safe here

    yes i survived i survived tonight can i

    take any of these weapons with me ooh

    pizza i really want the pizza okay run

    run wait don’t i want to stay here i

    want to stay on this table i don’t know

    if there’s gonna be any animatronics

    here okay i told my cookie fans i hope

    we can survive okay i’m going back on

    the table i just i like being high up

    okay whether it’s lava animatronics

    fire anything i like to just be high up

    wait where’s this

    one she’s got a cookie shirt on she has

    a cookie shirt on

    see i think we’re the safest in here

    true is that true

    let me just take a little look are any

    animatronics coming see i don’t see any

    of them i don’t think they know to come

    down here

    do they know to come down here oh no

    there’s a puppet it’s a puppet oh we’re

    just staying right here

    i want to stay right here next to the

    cupcake i want to stay right here next

    to my cookie fan let me ask them has

    anyone played this game no

    no no okay so this is everybody’s first

    time playing it oh someone said yes

    i think we’re all safe here we’re all

    safe here i’m with my cookie fans we’re

    in the wait i feel like we should close

    this let’s let’s close that down close

    someone’s glitching through the wall

    she’s totally glitching she’s totally

    just glitching in

    yes did we survive that wasn’t even yes

    okay it was a survival see everybody

    just runs just right over here we all

    know to go in wait let us in let us in

    like being right here this is where i

    like to be okay survive

    oh she’s got the cookie back i don’t see

    any animatronics

    i think the office is the safest place

    like this is the safest place

    do we see any animatronics oh door

    closed open take a peek no there’s the

    puppet the puppet is coming the puppet

    is coming

    marionette open look down here see no

    one’s down here should we go down here

    there’s not oh okay marionette is just

    standing should i jump up on the table

    oh i can’t you go through the table it

    looks like my head is on the plate

    no he’s already killing people no i need

    to go back to the office let us in let

    us in let us in okay

    safe we’re safe office is safest place

    he’s looking at her through the glass

    he’s not gonna let her in long bear yes

    we survived we survived all right let’s

    go in let’s hop on the school bus

    wait can we hop in do we get on the

    school bus how did they get in

    some of them are getting in wait i’m in

    i’m sitting in the seats yay we’re going

    to finance school wait right

    because here’s the pizzeria what

    happened i was in the school bus and

    then i got i i got like removed wait is

    gonna try to leave without me okay i’m

    in okay sit

    there we go i’m behind the driver okay

    we’re all in the bus oh here we go we’re

    going yes we’re in

    oh we’re falling there we are there’s

    freddy fazbears we can talk to the

    nightguard welcome to freddy’s pizzeria

    you guys are probably really hungry yes

    we are we’re very hungry

    even though i brought a cookie yum so

    let’s get some pizza all right let’s uh

    go on

    in some pizza hopefully my cookie fans

    are hungry they all look really hungry

    go this way ah okay here’s the office


    it’s a little too bright hey drawings on

    the wall this all looks like normal

    this is all totally normal right look at

    pirate’s cove whoa

    update okay i’m sure foxy loves this

    employees only

    should i peek in here hello hello

    oh there’s a half-built animatronic go

    sit down in the pizzeria for some pizza

    okay we’re sitting we’re all ready

    all three have the same hat on cookie


    he exploded why did that person explode

    what happened i hope you guys enjoyed

    the pizza uh

    the pizza looked good did we enjoy the

    pizza okay thank you no

    go find a room in the motel to sleep in

    for the night don’t forget to sit on the


    rug or whatever uh okay hotel all right

    let’s let’s go to the hotel should we

    take the car

    can we hop in oh it doesn’t move it

    doesn’t move oh it’s counting down okay

    we better go to the hotel okay

    oh no no you died no okay i’m getting

    back on the school bus and we’re heading

    back to that motel how do i get back in

    let me in can i come in okay i’m in

    whew i’m sitting i’m just riding on her

    sorry to creep you out

    oh i did it again uh go ahead and take

    some time to explore all right i need to

    get checked into the hotel room oh

    there’s like this gross stain on the

    floor what is that

    ew okay i can watch youtube videos here

    i don’t know about this place though i


    look at that it’s like definitely has a

    leak problem

    i don’t know about this hotel room maybe

    we should check out oh should i even

    check out the bathroom oh no i’m not

    going in there does this room look any

    better oh

    no it doesn’t look any better can i at

    least get a hotel room without like

    a stain on the floor no they’re all

    gonna have a stain

    i hope you like the place because you’re

    staying here okay uh okay

    everybody died why did everybody die you

    better find a place in the motel room

    okay okay okay oh this poor girl she’s

    like kind of halfway there she’s kind of

    halfway alive okay i’m running i’m

    running i’m running okay i’ll just sit

    right here and watch youtube videos

    no i didn’t make it to the green rug

    okay now i’m racing back race into a

    room just get checked in

    take this one by the corner go sit on

    that green rug or whatever it is come on

    everybody hurry run run run run run run

    run okay they’re on the reg they’re on

    the rug no

    why does everybody keep dying guys wake

    up it is freddy and his crew

    it can’t be it is freddie’s body outside

    listen to me run from freddie he’s

    coming freddy’s out here oh it is ready

    actually that doesn’t even look like

    freddy that is not freddy

    am i the safest right here on the rug

    he’s coming he’s coming he’s coming he’s


    i feel like i should just be sitting

    here i feel like i shouldn’t be sitting

    here oh you shouldn’t go behind the tv

    either okay what do i do what do i do

    what do i do five four three two one

    come on

    hurry over here before he comes did i

    survive i survived yes there’s one of my

    fans right here okay how do we escape

    well i don’t know first let’s get

    pizza for breakfast okay i’m okay with

    that okay now that you’re here sit down

    and get ready for breakfast

    okay come on come on come on it’s just

    me and my one fan or is it two fans no

    just my one fan okay let’s sit down

    right here we’re ready

    uh mr night guard what is going on foxy

    is next to me

    uh okay uh we go into the city is that

    what he’s doing he’s telling us to get

    into the car

    what you’re crazy well i guess fine then

    no escape route okay fine

    uh okay uh let’s get ready we’ll leave

    tomorrow in the morning now i want to

    leave now

    okay sounds like a plan i want to leave

    now i don’t want to go back to that

    hotel i don’t know if you guys noticed

    but freddie and foxy could come at any

    time run oh

    no there’s like a shadow figure no

    who’s that over here there’s someone

    else over here should i run back to the

    hotel i was safe there last time because

    i’ll just sit right here are you really


    hurry did i die i survived this trip is

    only to stay alive

    and not have an amazing vacation i don’t

    want to stay in that motel anymore

    either fine

    just take some time to get ready well i

    don’t think i left any belongings in

    here at all and i feel like i’m the

    safest here

    i keep surviving if i’m just here i

    survived get in the car and find a seat

    to sit down

    okay we’re going we’re good no let’s go

    to the city did we go to the city

    are we back i hope we’re back i don’t

    know if we’re back or not um we’re back

    we’re back from the city

    oh no i think the game glitched it won’t

    do anything it won’t let us go to the

    city i can’t click i can’t talk to the

    night guard anymore

    no foxy help us all right that’s it i’m

    driving this truck out of here we’re

    driving we’re driving we’re driving i

    can’t see where i’m going i can’t see

    where i’m going whoa okay it’s like what

    happened to the truck wasn’t in a truck

    let’s let’s just keep driving let’s just

    keep driving there’s got to be something

    around here

    least we’ve gone away from freddy

    fazbear’s oh i keep crashing though i

    keep crashing i mean look at how low i

    am sitting look at how low i how can i

    possibly even see over the steering

    wheel i can’t see where i’m going oh i

    think i’m gonna crash

    oh no where am i now oh here’s my red


    oh i’m back at freddy fazbear okay at

    least the restaurant is here

    stay away from the purple car okay so

    let’s let’s go on in

    looks really dark in here hello hello is

    anyone here

    there’s someone i see him walking i see

    him walking uh here comes foxy

    he looks like the joker there’s foxy

    please be nice foxy please be nice okay

    he’s chasing the joker here’s the prize

    counter where did everybody go we’re

    supposed to be having a birthday party


    all right there’s toy bonnie okay

    should i go over here the new face of

    fun hello there’s bonnie again

    um okay i see them moving there’s more

    animatronics back there okay i wish i

    could close the door i was like

    close the door there’s a whole bunch of

    animatronics back here i don’t know

    where to go i don’t know where to go

    no no no don’t chase after me they’re

    having like an animatronics party in


    what are they doing what are they doing

    in here all right i got my flashlight

    clicking it on them

    i can see you bonnie bonnie’s waving

    bonnie’s waving uh hi

    they’re waving they’re waving okay are

    they being nice animatronics

    i don’t know i don’t know i don’t know

    okay let’s go through the beds

    go through here there’s bonnie take the

    flashlight click on click off

    on bonnie’s gone click off bonnie

    there’s bonnie

    bonnie’s walking click on i can see you

    click off oh i can go to the cameras i

    can look and actually see them

    oh freddie’s on stage freddy’s on stage

    okay i don’t want to miss the show can i

    get back

    golden freddy click on click off

    click on just keep it up just keep it on

    just keep it on which way let’s go this

    way oh no he’s not on stage anymore

    no i wanted to see the show oh no it’s

    just his head it’s just a head

    okay click they’re all jump scaring

    they’re all flying around jump scaring i

    don’t know

    i don’t know where’s the manager i need

    to go to the manager’s office i need to

    go to make it to the manager’s office

    right now put the flashlight away put

    the flashlight away it’s the manager’s

    office where’s the manager’s office


    manager’s office down here okay i’m back

    i’m back in survival at least i’m back

    with everybody else

    there’s chica no freddie’s coming from


    let me in the table ready freddie’s in

    here i think we should leave

    i think we should leave cause freddy’s

    in here we’re gonna want to be next to

    freddie there’s still cheek over there

    there’s too many animatronics around

    here go in the back go in the back going

    back oh yeah the table i think i feel

    safe on the table wouldn’t be on the

    table please no animatronics please

    don’t worry animatronics this is the

    master power

    the button’s not working the button’s

    not working i’m going back up here

    there’s an animatronic right there it

    was moving it was moving

    it moved it went away should i peek

    should i peek out here okay i’m going

    back i’m going back i’m just going back

    to the table please let us survive

    please let us survive

    yes we did it yes we survived the night

    wait a minute there’s purple guy wait

    there’s purple guy wait animatronic is

    down purple guy is going in the back

    he’s in the employee only

    um excuse me hello there he is okay so

    we actually survived i’m here with my

    cookie fans

    oh whoa excuse me thank you to my cookie

    fans who joined me in fnaf

    wait a minute foxy actually is in

    pirate’s cove okay we don’t want to

    disturb foxy hi

    hi uh balloon boy’s here too i check if

    she is playing yes that’s right always

    double check that it actually is me you

    can check and see if i’m online you can

    check my username

    that it actually is me you guys look out

    for the fakers oh balloon boy is a


    i don’t know thank you i i don’t want a

    balloon thanks balloon boy are you guys

    keeping magical keeping happy keep being

    amazing and i’ll see you guys in my next

    video bye

    cookie can i show you something sure

    come his name is i have no

    friends that’s not true you have me as a

    friend but where did he go in the

    bathroom wait did he go through a secret


    oh there’s a secret wall there’s a

    secret wall

    touch the axe touch what you can find

    the purple friday you will be a hidden


    okay that is cool thank you that is so


    okay so now i get to be a secret skin oh

    here’s milk and cookies i love her name

    all right i turned into an animatronic

    oh look at your balloon boy says i’m a

    really big fan

    she says i sub to you you guys are so

    sweet she says party time let’s go bye

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