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    oh dang it another ladybug well jack

    keep working at it and maybe one day

    you’ll have uh something as cool as my

    mega neon diamond ladybug

    yeah you think you’re so cool i i don’t


    i know how cool i am bacon hey

    what is he eating your ham lake what the

    heck is that

    uh i won’t get what what wait what what

    uh excuse me what what elaborate please

    what do you want what are you here for

    he’s just going to town on that damn


    that sucks yeah basically i want to have

    that diamond thing

    because i’m poor oh wait he wants my

    mega neon diamond

    what we can’t just give that to you yeah

    you want my

    mega neon diamond ladybug you know what

    this is worth

    yes i do and yeah you can you just get

    even more handed is going to buy even

    more hands

    oh my god

    why should we you can’t just go around

    demanding people’s pets

    okay listen burton you seem like a nice

    guy but you cannot have my mega neon

    diamond ladybug it just isn’t happening

    i’m sorry yeah well i’m not a nice guy

    so i don’t care

    um excuse me oh what what what was that

    what makes you think you can just tell

    us what to do bert oh oh hold on jack

    you’re starting to escalate things man i

    want a piece of this bacon

    but every day i hear from the world oh

    you are bacon

    oh you are poor oh you can have nothing

    but what if i don’t want to be poor

    what if i don’t want to be bacon what if

    i want to be rich

    uh well the first thing i’d say is if

    you if you don’t want to be bacon you

    know you don’t have to wear the bacon


    so i decided i don’t want to be poor and

    don’t want to be bacon

    so now you’re going to make me rich

    what no no

    uh no sorry i think you’re gonna have to

    go find someone else to make you rich

    find someone else i’m sorry people pick

    on you for your baconiness but we can’t

    just give you this pet

    we worked hard for it i went to tell you


    i don’t care what is this what do you

    mean you don’t care

    what hey

    hey you got some nerve bacon yeah what

    do you mean you don’t care

    yeah why don’t you put that ham down and

    treat us with respect yeah i don’t like

    to i don’t like the way this

    bacon is disrespecting us i’ll take that

    disrespect bacon

    um cam tasty and respect to do nothing

    for me so

    ham stays oh oh you

    little so when am i getting my pet uh

    how crazy yeah how about never

    never what dimension you live in it bub

    let’s get out of here let’s leave yeah

    i’m i’m done with this bacon you know

    we’ll go somewhere else

    with your ham yeah you’re him stupid i

    don’t like him it’s bad for you bye

    can you believe some people guys like

    the nerve on that baby you know how much


    oh my god oh my gosh he’s back he’s got

    a piece of unicycle what the heck

    the bacony nerve wait

    unbelievable the delicious nerve

    what now okay i chewed on some more ham

    and i thought about it and maybe i went

    about this the wrong way okay

    yeah yeah do you think you would have

    read them the wrong way it sure did you

    sure did yeah yeah you did

    just a little bit just a tiny bit maybe

    okay can i have a second chance no uh

    uh yeah i think he can have a second

    chance right i i mean if it was me

    i would want one right that’s true

    that’s true okay

    okay sure but only if you’re here to

    trade and make a

    fair offer for this mega neon diamond

    ladybug that’s it that matters

    i am okay i will even put away him

    okay finally finally he’s putting away

    the hand

    how much ham does he have i don’t know


    okay all right let’s do it then okay no

    more games i’m not

    wait oh my god he’s got a boomerang

    it’s a boomerang what um what do you uh

    you have a boomerang are you trading the

    boomerang because that’s not really good

    enough just to be clear

    no i’m hitting you with it wow hey

    slow down what buddy i don’t think

    that’s gonna do much

    okay all right this is a pizza unicycle

    oh no

    i’m not gonna flatten you

    uh you’re gonna need more wheels pal i

    don’t think that pizza is gonna really

    be doing much stuff

    come on i mean it’s gonna take a couple

    tries you’re not gonna flatten anyone

    with that

    okay come on you’re scared jack what are

    you doing what jack

    what jack jack oh you’ll see what oh my

    god dad what

    why would you give him that why would

    you give him that

    he was oh my god he checked he was


    now that can flatten someone check jack

    what what the heck

    i know i’m so proud of this little noob

    what what are you gonna kill me oh

    wait do it burt make me proud shut up

    listen bacon let’s talk about this you

    don’t have to do this

    why not i want mega oh listen

    listen how will i give mega if i’m dead

    let’s talk about this

    i i don’t know but i will feel happy

    we can help you we can help you oh sure

    sure sure become rich

    you should pick up rich disney guys

    lots of nina’s in your future okay i’m


    okay okay this is a good start maybe

    step out of the vehicle please i’m

    losing patience

    okay first step out of the car okay


    okay okay we’ve de-escalated the car is

    gone okay

    okay oh the ham’s back

    oh cam yeah it’s ham i see that i

    respect you mr noob

    but i can’t give you this mega ninon but

    i could start you on your journey

    to build your noob empire new vampire

    nice i’m gonna give you the pet you

    need to make your first neon okay but

    you gotta put in the work

    these neons ain’t free can i have them

    now all right

    there you go four metal boxes just for


    yay thanks uh yeah okay good luck with


    you just changed my life oh thank


    i got you know after he’s starting to

    kill us and everything

    yeah i feel like we really made up now

    hello that was nice of him good luck out


    yeah good luck what if he jumped where’s

    he going look at him swimming away

    why send me aquatic noob

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