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    today guys we’re going to be undercover

    as noobs to do some flex battling but

    secretly we have a mega neon frost


    oh man i used to have a neon giraffe oh

    poor you

    jack that can fly

    so guys let’s go see who thinks they can

    take us let’s go okay

    so we’ve got somebody with the neon dog

    that’s pretty good

    oh okay somebody with uh that’s pretty


    oh pretty rich that sounds like he could

    be kind of rich i don’t know about

    you might be rich i was a gambler man uh


    yes hello only trading neon collectors

    uh nice to meet you we don’t have any

    neons are you a neon collector

    uh we don’t collect neon um or

    do we yeah i know you don’t

    that’s why oh really he’s saying he

    knows we don’t collect neons

    really don’t try to trade don’t even

    think about saying the request we

    weren’t gonna trade you

    okay good well we were just saying hi

    we didn’t wanna i’m gonna assume that’s

    hurt your feelings okay

    bye whoa


    wait i had to type fast okay leave alone

    what i’m gonna trade with neon

    collectors only

    what do you need oh okay all right

    no i don’t know oh we’re not the one

    that’s gonna need a handout

    what are your handouts that’s what i do

    hold on you’re getting a little too

    aggressive let’s challenge him to a real

    honorable battle a flex battle

    look at this

    alrighty i think you might want some

    kind of potion we want to flex the

    battle you want your flex


    you want to flex battle me

    my name what what does that mean

    to say that right there’s not we’re


    maybe you all need glasses because it


    rich oh really i thought it said poor

    bottom jack annihilated listen i promise

    to always

    be nice to noobs and in a flex battle

    i’m gonna assume beating you

    in a flex battle would it be nice


    oh okay yeah destroying us in a flex


    do you get it yeah yeah ah

    i don’t think it would be that easy for

    you no it wouldn’t

    for me yes well let’s do this if you’re

    so confident

    i dare you to battle us i

    double dog dare you to flex battle us


    i cannot do this to you oh really he

    can’t do this to us

    he’s the one who can’t do this to us i


    i think you’re actually four whoa just

    coming out of the gate swinging there


    all right yeah scared two flex questions

    bro you got nothing you got nothing

    you’re bluffing

    i am not prove it don’t start testing me


    oh we’re testing you bro what just


    yo what is happening right now buy it

    you want to go

    i’ll go let’s do this let’s go okay

    noobs since you think you’re so tough

    let’s go

    you go first all right guys let’s start

    off small let’s do it

    i hope you know the rules oh you think

    we don’t know the rules

    all right guys but they’re small i agree

    how about

    a cat die another dog fools

    i could easily match you was that a


    oh yeah but we have three let’s up the



    oh from a past event oh he thinks he can

    beat us with a bandage

    he doesn’t think we can match that guys

    better coat he thought he had us there

    thought we couldn’t beat that huh we

    have three

    oh i see you have a bit of an edge

    let’s see if you can really play with

    fire here

    oh a dragon that’s what he meant that’s

    really bad

    dragon he literally meant play with fire

    whoa all right guys he brought out our

    legendary how do we beat this he thinks

    he’s really got us right now

    wow i look at the dirty i don’t know

    what you do

    a legging the darty wow how could we

    match it

    we might lose this round guys

    unless t-rex snow owl

    raspberry what do you say to this


    it looks like you noobs are more than i

    bargained for but i have a few tricks on

    my sleeve

    i don’t have sleeves i’m wearing a

    t-shirt this

    ain’t over yet not to the fat lady see

    looking at you guys

    unsportsmanlike conduct penalty red card

    all right let’s do this

    let’s if this doesn’t hunt alive into


    i’ll be amazed an alive

    there is no way you can top this oh

    oh oh oh it is impossible as a noob

    you’d be surprised when a noob is

    capable of buy all the pets you want

    let’s see it you can never have this


    it’s a blue dog oh

    no uh

    he’s kinda right we you can’t get that

    that’s like the earliest pet in the game

    guys we don’t have anything like that i

    don’t have a blue dog

    what are we going to do he’s got a blue


    in the towel we have no chance no

    how on earth could you possibly have

    that don’t underestimate noobs

    it is not possible oh is it though

    you’re looking at it you’re looking at

    the proof of its possibility

    don’t judge a book by its cover yeah we

    thought you were rich

    are you gonna take that you’re gonna

    take that bro you don’t take that

    disrespect oh

    so you think you’re funny

    chuckles evilly evilly

    he’s getting more intense he’s chuckling

    in a more devilish manner

    on the day i break my oath of kindness

    to noobs

    i must go all in what does that mean

    he has to go all in you deserve the


    blade i possessed darkest weapon

    my most powerful strike

    what is he talking about oh my gosh i’m

    scared i’m afraid

    i will not leave a single shred of you


    what will be gone reduced to atoms your

    ashes will blow away in the wind

    calm down thanos

    we’re gonna get snapped oh my god shut


    you died no he’s a final weapon

    what is it give us all you got we can

    take it what is it

    here it is really he’s really dragging

    this one out huh

    silly dog oh it’s nion too oh it’s

    rideable oh my god

    it’s rideable it’s a drivable silly duck

    it is pretty cool

    there is no way you could have a neon no

    way we could have a neon

    i mean not in the realm of reality

    that you have been utterly defeated and

    wiped from this game

    you can now never show yourself again

    now please accept this law so i may move


    with my life oh really well

    i mean guys i guess we should accept our

    loss i mean neons

    well ryan he’s got a bit of a point

    doesn’t he maybe he does

    that wouldn’t be our weapon of choice

    would it not a regular

    ninon perhaps

    what’s the matter felix come on you

    gotta have a mega nina don’t you

    you mess with the wrong noob that’s


    how do you have a mega oh really one


    two mega how have you obtained these i

    refuse to believe

    oh really this is not possible strong

    noob together strong


    do you have anything to counter come on

    you must have something mr

    pretty rich i mean it’s only two mega

    neons and a regular nina

    what uh you’re struggling to find the

    words i must admit that i do not

    know you don’t really and now

    i will take the loss i said admitting to

    fat i submit to my failure he bows he’s

    so humble

    admitting defeat you have been a worthy

    opponent goodbye

    aim no he’s gone well guys that’s gonna

    do it for today’s video we hope you

    enjoyed it if you did be sure to drop a

    like and share

    share subscribe button we will see you

    all in the next one guys bye

    bye everybody bye guys

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