Noob to Divine – OUR FIRST BATTLE MODE! Ultimate Tower Defense Roblox (Part 6)

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  • what’s up everybody so uh we’re doing

    the noob ty godly series and we’re doing

    our first i mean noob divine actually so

    this is our first battle mode so let’s

    see if we can get the dub

    right now we’re on wave five jumping in

    a lot of people wanted me to edit it so

    i edited it all the way to wave fives

    just for you

    all righty we’re we have yeah we’re

    doing the froppy spam strat so let me

    actually move this property basically

    just allows us to get all this free

    damage on the boss just from poison

    yo be clean we’re gonna film in a video

    right now but you can join us

    yo i’m back from school

    bro finally it’s 2 30 a.m bro

    2 30 bro it’s 2 32 p.m here bro

    oh my gosh i can’t believe you’re 12

    hours off

    i need speed running school

    i’m skipping school boys oh yes

    are we winning boys are we winning son

    400 hp

    let’s go okay we need to save for an

    armored titan i feel like that might be

    the move

    oh our guy has luffy let’s go oh let’s

    get these

    oh we got luffy wait how did he not

    place him already come on

    bruh if i if we would have known that i

    think we should just dump all our

    upgrades into luffy honestly oh yeah


    probably our best bet let’s do it

    little did we know come on pull out a

    couple more godlies please

    i’m gonna have enough money i’m just

    gonna give you all my money

    hey yo you want to see me naked whoa

    whoa what we’re filming a video

    from chill stop with the trolls bro

    the comments gonna be like what oh no

    fbi alert

    i’ma mute the desktop audio there we go

    uh sorry about that guys uh yeah so what

    happens when you’re in a public discord

    they try to troll you you know

    oh no he dropped the vegeta he dropped a


    oh no okay i’m not looking at that


    he dropped

    oh come on how are we losing to ryuko

    we need to step it up

    we have vegeta the better mega man we

    gotta figure out who’s finally better

    come on you can’t beat christmas spidey

    let’s be real

    let’s be real let me get another

    christmas spidey down just in case one


    or imagine imagine if we get some elo to

    show off for the video

    all right let’s check the other team out

    oh they’re using

    uh you know yeah that ain’t gonna work

    chief all right

    we need to save up money i think we’re

    gonna be able to place the armored

    titans in

    yeah so just donate all your money i

    think it’s super expensive oh wait we

    might die to this guy though

    oh no oh no

    oh no no no

    oh loki this thing yeah if the froppies

    can do some damage we’re chilling

    oh yeah i think we’re actually tied with

    them right now

    let’s go

    not way better we’re fine we can lose

    that much hp

    uh yeah donate me

    yeah donate me i think our best bet

    let’s go

    35 to 27 close enough for a tie in my


    wait how do we win that we’ll take it

    oh no this is our guy right oh yeah this

    is our guy we’ll get it we’ll get it 47k

    come on 44k oh it’s gonna be tight

    60k oof oh let me sell this frappy oh


    i think we need to get some better

    property placement here i’m actually

    going to

    hit one of these thanks

    i when are we gonna send the armored

    titan though come on

    oh is that look i don’t know

    80 80k health let’s go we’re catching up

    let me uh drop this bad boy here

    still no i’m not looking at it i’m not

    getting distracted we’re getting the dub

    here on battle mode

    oh my gosh oh no

    that’s why we’re going to get the dub

    we’re going to get the dub that’s why

    we don’t take l’s look their fast guys

    are getting passed

    let me move mine down a little bit let

    me move mine down to like here

    80k let’s go let’s go let’s go

    come on oh no no no

    oh no no no chill bro chill

    go bro all right come on

    all right let’s get zorro dropped and

    maybe a little farther back i don’t know

    actually 55 oh

    i think we’re actually gonna we’re gonna

    win this oh no we lost somehow we lost

    even though we had more hp

    not really sure but okay

    oh wait dude is he saving up money yes

    he is saving up money good good good

    oh they’re saving up money too though

    yeah they actually have a they actually

    have good stuff

    i know he’d spend it all what did he

    spend it on

    oh we’re definitely winning though we’ll

    take out both those guys

    hopefully uh and we’re meeting him here

    oh yeah yeah cyborg is way better than


    a hundred k oh let’s oh let’s go let’s


    let’s go

    it’s froppy things i don’t know probably

    it’s making them so slow though i feel

    like it might be

    400 hp let’s go

    we got the big brain strategy here

    oh no we spam it uh maybe not oh they’re

    spamming it right now

    oh no he is spamming it gonna give him

    oh wait no we’re winning it oh we’re

    winning the spam strat let’s go

    we’re actually killing the game yeah

    we’re not we’re gonna save

    that guy already did all the spam

    honestly but he’s they’re probably just

    gonna spam when they get here

    and then they’ll survive

    i don’t know they don’t have a lot of

    money though they actually don’t have a

    lot of money

    they don’t have the money to do it come


    no no they’re all getting absorbed by

    this guy

    come on 100k 100k oh i know they dropped

    the big boy they dropped the big boys

    oof no hopefully that gives us money


    uh they have money oh they don’t have

    enough money to buy one

    come on come on oh no they dropped one

    oh they dropped two how did they drop

    two i don’t know

    didn’t have any money

    let’s see here 130.

    i know they got caught up

    no i don’t think they did

    yeah we’re good but how to figure out

    what we want to do here

    i just have to wait it out

    we’re playing battle mode right now with

    randoms and we’re getting

    we’re winning kind of

    we’re definitely in the

    all righty

    come on 500k oh no it just got corrupt

    all right come on those two guys should


    oh no oh we got three wait those are the

    normal mobs that just spawn right

    okay we’ll take it oh wait what the

    armor titan just ate those guys up

    did we win by damage do we win we got

    the dub

    we got that dub we got that dub let’s go

    i didn’t know they changed it that’s

    pretty cool

    well that was kind of random guys

    somehow we pulled off the dub

    um uh we got a nice teammate for some

    random we just got readily teleported

    and we got the dub

    forcefully wait it doesn’t show how much

    elo i have anymore or is that only in


    oh wait no we don’t have enough to show

    the elo unfortunately we need a little

    bit more think we

    like 25

    what’s up where are you

    you’re stuck

    all right everybody thanks for joining

    us in this adventure on battle mode and

    we’ll catch you all in the next one

    blam spot out peace

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