The NEW Roblox Fullmetal Alchemist Game 2021!” (Alchemy Online)

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  • yo what’s going on youtube so apparently

    um a new roblox full alchemist game

    just released i’m going to be testing it

    out seeing how it works

    i haven’t watched fullmetal alchemist in

    so long it’s been a while so

    i might not remember all this stuff

    bro okay this looks clean right now

    dude there’s so many people trying it

    out all right so

    um we spawn like this our name’s wolf

    don’t know anything okay

    just click the punch what is k and

    well you get kn from punching people not

    sure wait what

    oh i get two now not sure what that is

    okay so it is um to see our

    alchemist like branch i guess

    basic alchemy study

    oh okay i think we just learned it

    wait let’s see

    drawing circles are what

    whoa this is dope so i’m not sure

    what this drawing circle does

    um let’s see okay we can’t seem to do

    this understanding thing anymore i think

    we already learned it i don’t know

    what is this okay we just found money


    so you can find money i guess that’s


    in the meantime let’s get more like kn


    try to learn stuff not sure though we’re

    just gonna punch some random people

    okay we have 42 can okay this guy is


    okay yeah tumble down the stairs

    bro fight back fight back

    fight back oh no no no i was kidding

    yeah what happened what happened


    what happened continue yo man people all


    they’re all on me wow

    okay we’ve been left alone for now

    we do have more than 50k and so let’s

    try this

    oh did it work

    oh we gotta move deconstruction one

    okay let’s see what this does okay

    can we use it i don’t know how to use it

    how do we casting alchemy is t oh

    wait t


    whoa oh so we have to draw a circle and


    click t with it out i don’t know what

    this bar is do we need food or something

    oh there’s more money take that can you

    clean up this library

    sure okay so we get 10 knowledge

    oh knowledge i think that’s what this is

    the kn i think that’s what the knowledge


    all right yeah so it is knowledge wait

    do they just

    touch the gate or something oh you can

    leave this place okay

    i wish it was like a tutorial or like

    an npc that explained how to play

    i’m guessing that was our food since our

    hp isn’t coming back up

    where do we buy some food what’s this

    thousand bucks for a sword oh

    let’s save let’s see what for that i

    actually want a sword that’s pretty cool

    uh seaquest

    for knowledge 15 can you pick up the

    metal scraps around the map

    sure what do we get 100 knowledge and 50

    cash okay that ain’t bad

    but this is gonna take a while picking

    up scraps

    normal oh what’s this we just found a

    amethyst what’s this

    um i think a lot of the dialogue is

    broken because like i try to click i

    click on this

    and the text just goes away i can’t even

    buy food

    but i did find out where you buy food



    oh okay so i just found out that there

    is fall damage in this game

    i can’t click on it wait maybe if i

    position my mouse just right

    oh goated bro we just got it topaz

    don’t know what that does still maybe

    it’s like

    an enchant for a weapon or something

    there you go so we finished wait do we


    oh my gosh please don’t tell me that

    quest was broken

    okay so i think they fixed a few things


    i was able to sell the

    gems that i found so yeah apparently

    that’s what they do they give you money

    there’s like a merchant you can sell

    them to

    and i’m close to 1k so i can buy a sword


    there he is that’s the mpc talk to jack

    he’s the one that sells your



    and now you can actually talk to npcs

    and have a full dialogue it won’t just

    cut out anymore and you can buy food

    but apparently every time i leave and

    rejoin i get max food back so

    i don’t even think there’s a need to buy

    food yet

    we are going to buy a store now though

    since we have 1k

    so i’m looking forward to that we can

    buy a store now though

    yes sir we have a sword um i got hit by

    someone with a sword before it did

    a lot of damage so let’s see what he’s

    doing on this guy

    he’s a oh man he’s bleeding jeez

    what is this is he knocked

    no he’s not

    does it do a lot

    but we got a lot of knowledge from that


    and he’s bleeding okay

    okay he says it does a lot good to know

    good to know

    okay wow i just found a way easier quest

    and it gives 200 cash than 75

    knowledge you just deliver this box

    to a location way better than the other

    quest where you had to like

    walk around the map look at that

    bro i guess 75 knowledge is a lot


    for that for that a level of difficulty

    of a quest

    um yeah guys if you see this don’t

    don’t do the metal like picking up the

    metal around the map don’t do that one

    just keep farming this quest

    it gives way more it takes

    it doesn’t give more but it takes so

    little time that

    it’s more worth it

    and it gives so much cash i’m actually

    done before i like

    farmed trinkets and

    picked up money for like half an hour

    when i could have just been doing this

    quest over and over again

    i don’t know if there’s a better quest

    but for now

    this is the one that i am doing

    more i haven’t even checked the other

    npcs though so there might be better


    but definitely do not do the picking up

    metal metal scraps around the map

    i regret wasting so much time before

    when it could have just been doing this

    so heads up to you guys

    if you decide to play the game


    oh we got reconstruction three okay um

    i don’t think i don’t even know if we

    have two wait what


    okay so we don’t have two

    but i think there’s like a cooldown or


    okay i think our ping is better now

    okay this guy wants to box we have a

    sword man

    yeah why are you backing off now oh he’s

    casting something

    i don’t know why you’re doing that now


    oh no that’s not good yo chill okay we

    blocked it

    oh you just slapped him oh

    okay he just logged damn bro

    see we don’t have this again we’re gonna

    try to get it

    but we need the construction too oh we

    just got it perfect

    reconstruction too we need that also so

    yes sir we just got it okay

    let’s see so we have reconstruction

    two okay we don’t have okay

    we just need 700k and try to get the

    last thing

    i guess when you start out i just

    recommend punching people until you’re


    a 75 can and then farm that quest i did


    i think it was 75 to do it

    and you could even it didn’t even take

    that long like what in like three


    got up to like 500 km so let’s see if

    this one’s good can you fill this bucket

    of water and return it to me

    there’s 150 can but it’s all the way

    over there yeah see

    this one’s not even that good even

    though i’m supposed to be doing it

    that’s not i have more knowledge like

    you do these

    higher knowledge quests sometimes it’s

    not even worth it because

    of how long it takes you i don’t even

    know how to get over it i’m just gonna

    cancel it not worth doing

    okay we just spent so much money on

    chalk but we got

    almost full chalk let’s see can we

    eat this seven

    hello we didn’t we didn’t get any food

    from that okay that was weird

    25 can mind the stone no

    around the map i’m good yeah just stick

    to that other quest it was really good

    all right we have 700 now let’s try to


    the advanced under oh okay then

    i guess we won’t

    okay he’s already dead all right let’s

    see if we can

    learn advanced understanding study

    yes we got it okay um

    i think that’s all we that’s all we can

    get we

    master the principle of alchemy and

    learn complex books um

    i really don’t know what else we should

    do right now

    but we now have advanced understanding

    but yeah guys that’s all

    there’s gonna be for this video we’ve


    um all the stuff in this skill tree so


    i don’t think we’re finished with the

    game at all since we’ve only played for

    like half an hour but i don’t really


    what else to do when more information

    drops in the game

    um i’ll make a video on it make sure to

    like the video for part two and

    yeah peace

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